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ISBN: 9780334041139 - Christianity and Science
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Christianity and Science

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John D. Weaver

ISBN: 9780334041139
Format: Paperback
Publisher: SCM Press

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The SCM Core Text Christianity and Science explores possible dialogues between Christianity and Science in an accessible and student-friendly way.

Beginning with explorations of how we understand science and interpret the Bible the text moves on the discuss five key areas in which science and theology are engaged in a search for understanding: cosmology and the origin of the universe…






The SCM Core Text, "Christianity & Science" provides an advanced introduction to the lively debate between the relative truth claims made by science and the absolute truth claims made by religions, and Christianity in particular. The author examines the interaction between science and the Christian faith and explores the place of faith in an age of science. John Weaver, himself a scientist, explores the responses of the Christian faith to scientific advances, particularly as they impinge upon an understanding of God and human nature. Contemporary issues such as cloning, stem cell research, GM crops, global climate change and ecological destruction, new research on the origins of life and the issue of suffering brought about by 'natural evil' such as the Boxing Day tsunami, are covered in this accessible and student-friendly textbook. It is designed to communicate information clearly and accessibly, using chapter summaries, diagrams and questions for further reading as well as suggestions for further reading at the close of chapters.

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