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ISBN: 9780349122137 - City of Veils
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City of Veils

Zoe Ferraris

ISBN: 9780349122137
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Abacus

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* Sequel to THE NIGHT OF THE MI'RAJ, which was Zoe Ferraris's first novel, a stunning literary detective novel set in Saudi Arabia





The crime: one scalding afternoon, the mutilated body of a young woman, half naked beneath her burqa, is discovered on a Saudi beach; soon afterwards a Western woman's husband vanishes without trace. The place: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the City of Veils. A city of narrow streets and closed shutters, where nothing is what it seems;and the Empty Quarter - one of the most beautiful, yet unforgiving deserts on earth. The people: Miriam Walker, alone in an alien culture, desperate to find her missing husband. Katya, a forensic scientist battling the prejudices of a society full of sexual, religious and moral contradictions; and Nayir, devout Muslim, desert guide, amateur sleuth - the man she loves.

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