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ISBN: 9781847661470 - Commercial Leases and Insolvency
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Commercial Leases and Insolvency

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Patrick McLoughlin

ISBN: 9781847661470
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Tottel Publishing
Edition: 4th Revised edition

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This book remains the leading text on insolvency law as it affects the commercial rental sector. It provides useful analysis of the applicable rules, and guidance on practices adopted, when commerical property tenants suffer insolvency.






The new edition contains: revised emphasis upon Enterprise Act 2002 and "collective" insolvency procedures; a summary of new-style administrations and recent court decisions upon the new procedure; a clear explanation of new rules relating to distributions to creditors and administration expenses; a summary of new commercial rent arrears recovery procedure and abolition of distress for rent; and comment upon important case law including Powerhouse case relating to the effect of CVAs upon guarantees.

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