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ISBN: 9781455728503 - Community Policing
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Community Policing

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Victor E. Kappeler, Larry K. Gaines

ISBN: 9781455728503
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Anderson Publishing
Edition: 6th Revised edition
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Community policing is a philosophy and organizational strategy that expands the traditional police mandate of fighting crime to include forming partnerships with citizenry that endorse support and participation. This book explores the fragmentation of authority and emphasizes the importance of partnerships among the law enforcement agencies.






This text explores community policing - a philosophy and an organizational strategy that expands the traditional police mandate. It broadens the focus of fighting crime to include solving community problems, urging police to form a partnership with the people in the community so average citizens can contribute to the police process in exchange for their support and participation. Now includes a chapter on Community Crime Prevention. Profiles feature community policing programs in various cities, and problem-solving case studies cover special topics. Includes: The Ten Principles of Community Policing.