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ISBN: 9780712650243 - Complete Verse
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Complete Verse

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Hilaire Belloc

ISBN: 9780712650243
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Pimlico

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This volume contains all of Belloc's published verse, including "Heroic Poem in Praise of Wine", rhymes from "Cautionary Tales" and pieces from "The Bad Child's Book of Beasts".





Here is the distinctly surreal world of Henry King, who perished through his 'chief defect' of chewing little bits of string; of dishonest Matilda whose dreadful lies led her to death by burning; and of Godolphin Horne who 'held the human race in scorn' and ended as the boy 'who blacks the boots at the Savoy'. Here too are the beautiful lyrics of longing and loss; the sonnets and epigrams; the hugely enjoyable Bad Child's Book of Beasts - not to mention More Beasts for Worse Children; and The Modern Traveller, one of the finest satirical poems in English. Complete Verse reveals all of Hilaire Belloc's dazzling range and makes plain why he is one of the most truly popular poets of modern times.

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