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ISBN: 9780773538917 - Contemporary Quebec
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Contemporary Quebec

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Michael D. Behiels, Matthew Hayday

ISBN: 9780773538917
Format: Paperback
Publisher: McGill-Queen's University Press

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A compelling and informative overview of Quebec's evolution over the past several decades





Collecting the works of historians, political scientists, sociologists, experts in aboriginal studies and women's studies, chapters consider issues ranging from language policies, to progressive changes in gender roles and norms, and intense debates surrounding issues of nationalism and identity. Providing a remarkably clear and engaging overview of the major themes, issues, and events of Quebec history, culture, and politics, Contemporary Quebec is an invaluable resource for history and Canadian Studies courses, and an ideal introduction for anyone wanting to better understand this dynamic province. Contributors include Michael D. Behiels (Ottawa), Louis Belanger (Laval), Gerard Boismenu (Montreal), Michael Burgess (Kent), Hans M. Carlson (Minnesota), Dominique Clement (Alberta), Donald Cuccioletta (UQO), Jules Duchastel (UQAM), Michael Gauvreau (McMaster), Stephanie Godin (UQAM), Ralph P. Guntzel (Franklin College), Matthew Hayday (Guelph), Guy Lachapelle (Concordia), Daniel Latouche (INRS), Jocelyn Letourneau (Laval), Martin Lubin (SUNY Plattsburgh), C. Michael Macmillan (Mount Saint Vincent), Chantal Maille (Concordia), Dominique Marshall (Carleton), Dominique Masson (Ottawa), Sean Mills (Toronto), Ines Molinaro (St. Clare's, Oxford), Nicole Neatby (St. Mary's), Max Nemni (Laval), Linda Pertusati (Bowling Green), Jacques Rouillard (Montreal), Ben Rowswell (Stanford), Paul Rynard (York), Daniel Salee (Concordia), Miriam Smith (York), and Reg Whitaker (Victoria).