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ISBN: 9780415287432 - Corporate Reputation and Competitiveness
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Corporate Reputation and Competitiveness

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Gary Davies

ISBN: 9780415287432
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Routledge

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Presenting the case for reputation as a strategic tool for organizations in the 21st century this book develops a unique approach to reputation measurement and management.






This unique book written by four world leaders in reputation research, presents the latest cutting-edge thinking on organizational improvement. It covers media management, crisis management, the use of logos and other aspects of corporate identity, and argues the case for reputation management as a way of overseeing long-term organizational strategy. It presents a new approach to managing reputation, one that relies on surveying customers and employees on their view of the corporate character and in harmonizing the values of both. This approach has been trialled in a number of organizations and here the authors demonstrate how improving reputation, merely by learning more about what a company is already doing, is worth some five per cent sales growth. The book is a vital, up to date resource for specialists in corporate communication, public relations, marketing, HRM, and business strategy as well as for all senior management. Highly illustrated with over eighty diagrams and tables, it includes up to the minute illustrative case studies and interviews with leading authorities in the field.