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ISBN: 9780126024005 - Creativity
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Mark A. Runco

ISBN: 9780126024005
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Academic Press Inc

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Summarizing scholarly research on creativity, Creativity: Theories and Themes draws together a sprawling literature from psychology, business, education, sociology, economics, and more…






An integrative introduction to the theories and themes in research on creativity, this book is both a reference work and text for courses in this burgeoning area of research. The book begins with a discussion of the theories of creativity (Person, Product, Process, Place), the general question of whether creativity is influenced by nature or nurture, what research has indicated of the personality and style of creative individuals from a personality analysis standpoint, how social context affects creativity, and then coverage of issues like gender differences, whether creativity can be enhanced, if creativity is related to poor mental or physical health, etc.The book contains boxes covering special interest items including one page biographies of famous creative individuals and activities for a group or individual to test and/or encourage creativity, as well as references to internet sites relating to creativity. It breaks down the major theories about creativity but doesn't restrict to a singular perspective. It includes extensive citations of existing literature, and the textbook features are included (i.e., key terms defined).

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