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ISBN: 9780263902105 - Cursed
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Michele Hauf

ISBN: 9780263902105
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Mills & Boon

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'Kiss Me Deadly' and 'His Forgotten Forever'.





In a deadly supernatural war, a kiss can condemn you Kiss Me Deadly A drop of Death Cocktail - witch's blood - destroys a vampire in minutes. Nikolaus is rare, he survived. Now he's hunting Ravin, the witch who almost killed him. Yet she has her own battle to fight to set her soul free, until a love spell turns her world upside-down, tempting her to surrender to a new-found desire for Nikolaus, her sworn enemy. His Forgotten Forever With no memory of his victims - or enemies - Truvin could only trust Lucy, the innocent who saved him. In the midst of a supernatural war, Truvin was the key to a vampire victory. But returning to his old, evil ways would destroy Lucy and she was one bite away from feeling the true power of his embrace...and his eternal curse. For fans of Charlaine Harris and JR Ward

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