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ISBN: 9780446616577 - DC Universe: Inheritance
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DC Universe: Inheritance

Devin K. Grayson

ISBN: 9780446616577
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

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The next book in Warner's fantastic DC Universe series: all original novels featuring ensemble casts of DC superheroes from all different character streams in fantastic new adventures





A narrowly thwarted nuclear attack on Gotham leads Batman to an unlikely suspect: fifteen-year-old Samu Maliki Dabir Bin-Abdul-Hakam, prince of Qurac. However, Batman quickly discovers that he won't have an opportunity to apprehend Dabir unless he can save the teenager from assassination! Given a heads up by his own former ward, now known as the masked vigilante Nightwing, that Deathstroke the Terminator has been hired to target someone on the U.S. Coast Guard UTB the Abdul-Hakim's are using for travel, Batman must assemble a team to rescue Dabir while simultaneously tracking down the would-be executioner behind Deathstroke's employment. The location of the hit (somewhere along the Eastern coast line) suggests Aquaman, and the potential political involvement of Cheshire leads Batman to summon Green Arrow, whose former ward, Arsenal is the father and legal guardian of Cheshire's only known offspring. Superheroes and super villains come together to hunt for one boy in this explosive new book from Devin Grayson.