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ISBN: 9780865621763 - Dangerous Curves
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Dangerous Curves

Paco Diez

ISBN: 9780865621763
Format: Paperback
Publisher: S Q Publications,US

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A collection of divas, the lovely and lethal ladies, that is showcased by the authors, who are also artists.





Guns, knives, swords, bare-handed or bare-assed -- these ladies are lovely and VERY lethal. A cunning collection of deadly divas being showcased by artists Paco Diaz, Rafa Lopez, and Jose Manuel. Non-stop beat-downs and furious fighting, all while looking good doing it is the hallmark of these honeys, with a blending of those two American favourites -- sex and violence in perfect harmony! If you like your blood sport served up raw and delicious, this is the gallery of guns and gals for you! Kick-ass cover art by Dave Dunstan.