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ISBN: 9781550712155 - Dark Man
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Dark Man

Roberto Pace

ISBN: 9781550712155
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Guernica Editions,Canada

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The appearance of Dark Man cannot be an event without consequence. Once come into this world, he will entice you with candy, seep into your skin, and savour your blissful ignorance of his purpose. Roberto Pace delights us with this story of a wild pursuit, set in an imaginary Central Europe that has descended into madness at the apparition of a remarkable anti-hero, Dark Man.





'Dark Man', a bizarre anti-hero, sets an imaginary central Europe into a frenzy in this work, portraying the horrors of life in present-day Europe. Using his powers of temptation and enticement, this anti-heroic figure begins to seep under the skin of the people he meets and to transform their lives while they remain in blissful ignorance of his purposes.