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ISBN: 9780903319737 - Digital Creativity
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Digital Creativity

Owen Kelly

ISBN: 9780903319737
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

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At one time a computer might have seemed an unlikely tool for artistic creativity. Now artists from all areas - dancers and sculptors…






This work looks at the opportunities that computers and digital technology can provide for artists, educators and other cultural workers. It examines the likely effects of incorporating digital technologies into the arts: on the means of production; on the means of distribution; and on the creative imagination itself. It defines the arts as being any creative activity which is intended to entertain, provide pleasure, stimulate emotion or provoke thought. There are examples of current work from performance pieces making use of computers, to hypertext and so-called expanded books, to Web-sites and on-line soap operas.

In three parts, the book provides: a brief background of the digital revolution; an examination of how digital technology is now being used in the arts; and an overview of some possible conseqences and developments of this work. It is an invitation to artists to take these powerful new tools and participate creatively in the digital revolution.