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ISBN: 9781893726024 - Easyscript 2 - Intermediate (80 Wpm)
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Easyscript 2 - Intermediate (80 Wpm)

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Leonard D. Levin

ISBN: 9781893726024
Format: Spiral / Comb Bound
Publisher: Legend Publishing,US

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EasyScript (ES) is an easy speedwriting alternative and as opposed to any traditional systems ES does not require extensive memorization and a long learning time. It is alphabet…





If you are serious about note-taking and it affects your personal and business decisions take a good look at EasyScript II. The method is based on 5 basic rules and the manual has an individual lesson devoted to each rule with writing and dictation exercises. EasyScript II includes a 128 page manual/workbook and 2 audio cassettes (audio tutor and speedbuilding). It can be used for self-study and classroom learning. The manual and 60 min. audio tutor cassette guide provide step-by-step how to learn the EasyScript method and reinforce skills attained. The 2-hour speedbuilding cassette will help you to attain a writing speed up to 80wpm. Studying is done on a slow pace with many repetitions and reinforcements. The manual offers different techniques to master the method and build proficiency. It also has sections to provide exercise answers, to reinforce the rules, 'tips' to adapt EasyScript to your application and style. Course completion 8 hours.