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ISBN: 9781893726048 - Easyscript/ Computerscript: No. 1
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Easyscript/ Computerscript: No. 1

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Leonard D. Levin

ISBN: 9781893726048
Format: Spiral / Comb Bound
Publisher: Legend Publishing,US

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Includes EasyScript I, ComputerScript disk, EasyScript notepad and EasyScript reference card. In addition to taking notes manually, ComputerScript enables you to use the method with a computer. You can enter your abbreviated notes into computer and ComputerScript software will transcribe them automatically into readable format. ComputerScript typing method can increase your typing speed up to 30% vs. touch typing system. ComputerScript runs on WINDOWS NT, WINDOWS and MS-DOS platforms and the files are stored in ASCII format. Course completion 6 hours.