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ISBN: 9780749459970 - Effective Customer Care
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Effective Customer Care

Pat Wellington

ISBN: 9780749459970
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Kogan Page Ltd

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A guide to creating customer service that not only satisfies your customers and prompts orders, but also cements customer relationships and develop loyalty...and thus increase profits.






"Effective Customer Care" is an essential guide to creating excellent customer service that will not only satisfy your customers and prompt orders, but also cement customer relationships and develop loyalty...and thus increase profits. You will find out what really goes through a customer's mind when they look to purchase a product or service, and what might turn them away without you even realising it. If you have to handle complaints or problem solve you will be shown a robust and systematic approach to reduce these occurrences. In servicing your customer you will often need to get cooperation from others within your organisation, be it members of your team or those in other departments. "Effective Customer Care" will show you how to do this. And finally, you will learn how to ensure that you keep your customers loyal, and build an ongoing business relationship with them. Pat Wellington includes every aspect of the customer care process including how to: understand what the customer wants, not what you think they want; stop losing business and gain market share; motivate team members to offer a value added service to customers; improve the level of service offered; get a better level of service from internal customers; and, build long term relationships with customers and suppliers. It is written without jargon and includes international case studies from UK, Scandinavia, USA the Gulf and Singapore.

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