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ISBN: 9781567923087 - Electra to the Rescue
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Electra to the Rescue

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Saving a Steamboat and the Story of Shelburne Museum

Valerie Biebuyck

ISBN: 9781567923087
Format: Hardback
Publisher: David R. Godine Publisher Inc

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Nestled in Vermont's Lake Champlain Valley is a cultural institution unlike any other: among the first and Hnest museum collections devoted to American folk art. Shelburne Museum, founded in 1947, was the creation of the pioneering collector Electra Havemeyer Webb (1888…





In Electra Collecting, Valerie Biebuyck brings young readers the captivating story of this trail-blazing visionary and her adventures in America's attic. Illustrated throughout with archival images and full-color photographs of items from the Shelburne collection, the book is a splendid introduction not only to a dynamic, unconventional woman but also to the rich, colorful world of Americana - the visual vernacular of our nation's people. Electra's enthusiasm was in many ways childlike, and she collected things that fire the imagination of children: rag dolls, cast-iron banks, embroidery samplers, miniature circuses - even a working paddle-wheeler. Here is a book that perfectly embodies Electra's lifelong mission: to teach, in a unique and fun way, the American tradition of craftsmanship and the often sublime beauty of simple, everyday objects.