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ISBN: 9781844861095 - Empire of the Seas
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Empire of the Seas

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Brian Lavery

ISBN: 9781844861095
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Conway

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Following the progress of the Royal Navy from the defeat of the Spanish Armada to the First World War, Brian Lavery reveals how the Royal Navy shaped British industry, innovation and identity, and became the essential creator and guardian of British democracy.






The year 1588 marked a turning point in our national story. Victory over the Spanish Armada transformed us into a seafaring nation and it sparked a myth that one day would become a reality - that the nation's new destiny, the source of her future wealth and power lay out on the oceans. This book tells the story of how the navy expanded from a tiny force to become the most complex industrial enterprise on earth; how the need to organise it laid the foundations of our civil service and our economy; and how it transformed our culture, our sense of national identity and our democracy. Re-issued in trade paperback format Brian Lavery's narrative explores the navy's rise over four centuries; a key factor in propelling Britain to its status as the most powerful nation on earth, and assesses the turning point of Jutland and the First World War. He creates a compelling read that is every bit as engaging as the TV series itself.

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