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ISBN: 9780977624010 - Encyclopedia of Sports Parenting
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Encyclopedia of Sports Parenting

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Deborah Doermann Burch

ISBN: 9780977624010
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Hall of Fame Press

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Offers prescriptive advice on various issues that confront parents of young athletes. This book includes chapters on issues such as 'Playing for a Demanding Coach', 'The Unparalleled Value of Team' and 'Should My Child Play on a Travel Team'.





This Encyclopedia offers prescriptive advice on virtually every issue that confront parents of young athletes of all ages. The research has encompassed an extensive array of surveys with a wide variety of individuals and groups, including present and former athletes; parents and grandparents; non-athletes -- and a special survey conducted with 500 highly successful individuals on their views of sport. In his capacity as Distinguished Lecturer for the NCAA Foundation, Doyle has interacted with thousands of student-athletes at the nearly 100 schools at which he has spoken over the last eight years. Subjects include detailed chapters on issues such as "Playing for a Demanding Coach", "The Unparalleled Value of Team" and "Should My Child Play on a Travel Team?" The text has been reviewed by over 60 distinguished individuals, all of whom have experience in either sports parenting or education.