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ISBN: 9780198072638 - Entrepreneurship
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Rajeev Roy

ISBN: 9780198072638
Format: Multimedia Item
Publisher: OUP India
Edition: 2nd Revised edition

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This is a comprehensive textbook that fulfils the needs of management students and entrepreneurs. It aims to familiarise readers with the realities of starting and managing their businesses.






The second edition of Entrepreneurship continues to provide management students and entrepreneurs an insight into the nuances of starting and managing a business in India. It starts by introducing the concept to the readers before moving on to explain the financing options and the operational aspects of a start-up business. Key concepts, such as business models, business plan, human resource management, entrepreneurial finance, and marketing, have been explained in detail in separate chapters. Growth and corporate social responsibility are highlighted in the last section. It includes chapters on growth, exit strategies, social responsibility, and the social entrepreneur. The accompanying CD includes start-up documentation, applications, templates, and checklists required by entrepreneurs to start a business in India. It also contains video clippings of successful entrepreneurs sharing their experiences.

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