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ISBN: 9780470566640 - Essentials of WJ III Cognitive Abilities Assessment
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Essentials of WJ III Cognitive Abilities Assessment

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Fredrick A. Schrank, Daniel C. Miller, Barbara J. Wendling

ISBN: 9780470566640
Format: Paperback
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Ltd
Edition: 2nd Revised edition

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The most widely used comprehensive assessment system-the Woodcock-Johnson®-is separated into two distinct test batteries: Cognitive Abilities (COG) and Achievement (ACH). The WJ III™ COG includes tests of knowledge…






The most widely used psychoeducational battery, the WJ III is separated into two parts: Achievement and Cognitive Abilities, the latter of which tests memory, vocabulary, and other quantitative abilities. Now in a Second Edition, this is the only book to provide state-of-the-art administrative and interpretive guidelines to this portion of the WJ III battery. Thoroughly updated to reflect the expanded knowledge base of information, including the Diagnostic Supplement and the Normative Update, this book is a must-have for clinicians wanting to better understand the WJ III's Cognitive Ability tests.