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ISBN: 9781849668927 - Expurgating the Classics
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Expurgating the Classics

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Stephen Harrison

ISBN: 9781849668927
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Bristol Classical Press

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The first collection dedicated to the subject of expurgation in the Classics, exploring the strategies used to deal with obscene and other textual material in conflict with Christian and other post-classical values.





In the first collection to be devoted to this subject, a distinguished cast of contributors explores expurgation in both Greek and Latin authors in ancient and modern times. The major focus is on the period from the seventeenth to the twentieth century, with chapters ranging from early Greek lyric and Aristophanes through Lucretius, Horace, Martial and Catullus to the expurgation of schoolboy texts, the Loeb Classical Library and the Penguin Classics. The contributors draw on evidence from the papers of editors, and on material in publishing archives. The introduction discusses both the different types of expurgation, and how it differs from related phenomena such as censorship.