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ISBN: 9780198072201 - Family Law II
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Family Law II

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Flavia Agnes

ISBN: 9780198072201
Format: Paperback
Publisher: OUP India

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Combining facts and analysis, the volume examines the laws and cases relating to matrimonial rights and obligations, marriage and divorce, constitutional claims and family courts. It is a comprehensive exploration of the state of gender justice in contemporary India from the legal perspective.






The second of three volumes on the subject, this book is written to meet the course requirements of Family Law which is a compulsory subject for LLB students. Providing an in-depth analysis of family laws, this book explores the overlaps and contradictions in these laws. The ground level litigation practices are interwoven with the framework of statutory provisions, which in turn provide an entry point into the rights discourses and social movements. The book discusses cases, Acts, and amendments related to marriage and its dissolution, matrimonial obligations, and custody and guardianship of children. The work unravels legal complexities and weaves women's realities into legal theories. It positions women's claims within the Constitution to highlight the lacunae in laws and to analyse their effectiveness at the ground level. It further discusses family courts and the strategies which need to be adopted to make the present laws work effectively.