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ISBN: 9780810835962 - Fantasy and Horror
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Fantasy and Horror

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A Critical and Historical Guide to Literature, Illustration, Film, TV, Radio, Internet

Barron, Neil (EDT)/ Tymn, Marshall B. (EDT)
Neil Barron

ISBN: 9780810835962
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Scarecrow Press

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This is a chronological guide to more than 3000 works of fiction and non-fiction. It is cross referenced and indexed with annotated bibliographies aiming to direct users to award-winning books, historically significant books, series, unique treatments of a theme or useful Internet sources.






Although the fantastic impulse has been embodied in folklore, literature, art, and film, distinguished work has always been uncommon. This guide directs readers and viewers to the best, better, or historically important works of the fantastic imagination, as well as to the scholarship that helps us understand their nature and appeal. Arranged chronologically, narrative introductions provide historical and analytical perspectives on the period or subjects covered while annotated bibliographies describe and evaluate the books and other materials judged most significant for literary, extraliterary, or historical reasons. More than 2,300 works of fiction and poetry are discussed, each cross-referenced to other works with similar or contrasting themes. Winners and nominees for major awards are identified. Books that are part of a series are flagged, with a complete list of books in series included in a final chapter, along with a comprehensive list of awards, of translations, and of young adult and children's books. A chapter on teaching fantasy and horror literature provides aid for teachers of every experience level, from high school through college. Fantastic illustration, films, TV and radio, and Internet sites are all discussed in detail. Comprehensive, up-to-date, carefully organized with multiple indexes, this guide will appeal to anyone with the slightest interest in fantastic literature, film, or illustration.