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ISBN: 9781617600036 - Find the Perfect College for You
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Find the Perfect College for You

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Rosalind P. Marie

ISBN: 9781617600036
Format: Paperback
Publisher: SuperCollege LLC,US
Edition: 2nd Revised edition

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"This book matches students' personality type to colleges that best fit them. It provides detailed descriptions of the academic, physical, and social environments of each campus"--





A comprehensive approach to selecting a college that is in tune with a student's learning style, this fully revised and updated guide offers a personalised, psychology-based approach to selecting the perfect university. Taking into account personal interests and personality types, the reference will help students and parents choose the most appropriate school from the listings of nurturing liberal arts schools, research-oriented universities, creative or spiritual campuses, and more. With accessible tables and simple descriptions of campuses and majors, college-bound students and their parents will find self-assessments and suggestions for 82 well-known colleges.

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