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ISBN: 9780861962068 - Focal Epilepsy
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Focal Epilepsy

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Clinical Use of Emission Tomography

Baldy-Moulinier, M./ Lassen, Neils A./ Engel, Jerome/ Ashkienazy, S.
M. Baldy-Moulinier, N.A. Lassen, J. Engel

ISBN: 9780861962068
Format: Paperback
Publisher: John Libbey & Co Ltd

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A report of the proceedings of the international symposium of Focal Epilepsy held in Paris in May 1989 and dealing with the clinical use of functioning imaging by means of emission tomography. It places special emphasis on the investigation of temporal lobe epilepsy by SPECT/HmPAO.






This volume contains the proceedings of the international symposium, 'Focal Epilepsy: Clinical Use of Functional Imaging by Means of Emission Tomography', held in Paris on 6 May 1989. The aim of the meeting was to contribute to the integration of PET/SPELT isotope tomography into the spectrum of methods used for localizing the origin of seizures. Special emphasis has been placed on the investigation of temporal lobe epilepsy by SPECT/HmPAO, since this is presently the most affordable method, both technically and economically. Although the reader may not find the answers to all his questions, as the assessment of new methods and techniques and the interpretation of results are not yet complete, the contributions will serve to stimulate further studies and to encourage the compilation of data from various centers using a similar approach.