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ISBN: 9780859764353 - For the Lion
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For the Lion

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R.C. Paterson

ISBN: 9780859764353
Format: Paperback
Publisher: John Donald Publishers Ltd

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Seven hundred years ago King Edward I of England crossed the Scottish border with a powerful army and began one of the epic struggles of the Middles Ages - the Scottish Wars of Independence.

For England the aim of the war was simple: to establish an imperial sway over the whole of the British Isles. Scotland had to prevail against its powerful southern neighbour or face national obliteration.

The Anglo-Scots conflicts can be divided into two distinct phases: the First War of Independence…






Dufour Editions will now be distributing this Scottish publisher's fine list of books as part of Birlinn Limited, another Scottish press. John Donald publishes primarily Scottish history, biography, and folklore. An account of Scotland's wars to fight off the English invasion of King Edward I.