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ISBN: 9780850528008 - Forrard
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Paul Mace

ISBN: 9780850528008
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Pen & Sword Books Ltd

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While the East Riding Yeomanry can trace its ancestry back as far as 1714, Forrard concentrates on the distinguished story of the Regiment in the Second World War…






The East Riding Yeomanry can actually trace its ancestry back as far as 1714 but Paul Mace's book concentrates on the story of the Regiment in the Second World War. In 1940 the Regiment was given the unenviable task of delaying the German advance into Northern France in order to allow their more fortunate colleagues the chance to escape via Dunkirk.As a result a large proportion of the officers and men were taken prisoner. Those who managed to get back formed the nucleus of a virtually new regiment and spent the next four years training in tanks and various forms of what were known as 'Funnies' - amphibious tanks etc - preparing for the invasion of Europe. When this came about in June 1944 the ERY were in the first wave of the attack, landing at Sword Beach on D-Day.Forrard is a vivid account of the part they played in the advance into Germany until the conclusion of hostilities in Europe in May 1945, during most of which time they were in the forefront of the battle.The book relies heavily on first hand accounts and will be eagerly received by all Military Historians and the descendants of the men from the East riding.The Regiment was finally disbanded in 1966, but an Old Comrades' Association still flourishes.