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ISBN: 9781596682351 - Fresh Quilting
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Fresh Quilting

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Malka Dubrawsky

ISBN: 9781596682351
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Interweave Press Inc

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Brighten up any room with fun, contemporary projects exploding with sensational color and learn to create beautiful and lively pieces for you and your home.






Make a big impact and brighten up any room with fun, contemporary, and functional projects exploding with exhilarating color! Fresh Quilting presents 20 brilliant designs featuring quilt artist Malka Dubrawsky's intoxicating color and unexpected palettes. Learn to create beautiful and lively pieces for you and your home--from modern quilts and fun pillows to a flirty bag and cute scarf. Malka will teach you how to adventurously and confidently mix colors and prints, and you'll be inspired to infuse your own brilliant palettes into each project, and discover just how irresistible and beautiful contemporary quilting can be!

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