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ISBN: 9781842056691 - Gandhi
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Gary Smailes

ISBN: 9781842056691
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Geddes & Grosset

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Gandhi influenced many lives with his peaceful methods to free India of British rule. Modern Heroes is a series of eight books aimed at school children to assist with project work. The books are an introduction to key figures in modern history who have led remarkable lives and who inspire.





Gandhi - part of the Modern Heroes series - is ideal for school projects for younger readers. Modern Heroes is a series of colourful, illustrated books about the lives of some remarkable people whose influence has shaped how we live today. Concise, accessible, entertaining, the series are excellent introductions to history or modern studies. Gandhi was born into an important family who expected great things of him. On a trip to South Africa, he encountered racism and decided to campaign peacefully against it.

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