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ISBN: 9781843037699 - Geography: Photocards
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Geography: Photocards

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John Corn

ISBN: 9781843037699
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Folens Publishers UK

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The 'Accessing' series brings a new concept to the teaching and learning of geography in primary schools. Each book is closely matched to the National Curriculum and QCA schemes of work and follows a one-book-per-year approach.





At the heart of the series is the idea that visual resources can be used to inspire and motivate the full range of student abilities. Accessing Geography will provide a wealth of fascinating, stimulating images and photographs which can be easily used within a range of learning environments of classroom management styles. A separate teacher's resource book accompanies each colour pupil photobook (Big Book/Photocards at year 1, Big Book/Pupil Book at year 2). Each page or image in the pupil book has detailed notes in the teacher's book explaining the background, starting points, activities, questions and suggestions for differentiated activities.