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ISBN: 9781408105788 - Get Started in Animation
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Get Started in Animation

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Mary Murphy

ISBN: 9781408105788
Format: Paperback
Publisher: A & C Black Publishers Ltd

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This is the beginner's guide on how to make animated films.





This is the complete beginner's guide to making animation. The book starts with clearly illustrated instructions on how to set up a simple animation station at home and includes a list of low cost but essential items that make a complete animator's toolbox. Once the basic equipment is set up, the reader can hit the ground running with 6 imaginative projects especially designed to develop technical skills. Clear step-by-step instructions accompany photographs and diagrams designed to guide the reader through each step of the process. There is a chapter on basic editing techniques which demonstrates how to twin visually exciting sequences with music and titles to create a show reel of work. There is also a comprehensive walk-through guide to the process of producing a short film using any animation technique. All in all, this is the ideal beginner's guide.