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ISBN: 9788896408117 - Get Your Pics on Route 66
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Get Your Pics on Route 66

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Joe Sonderman

ISBN: 9788896408117
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Anniversary srl

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The history of America's Mother Road seen through vintage postcards, a guide book for those who want to bring Route 66 back to life.






Route 66 is arguably the most famous road in America. But Route 66 is not just a road. Roads take travellers to their destination, while Route 66 is a destination. It is for those who find that the journey is at least half the fun. This book is a joint effort from American author and collector Joe Sonderman and Italian publisher and editor Paolo Battaglia. Sonderman's huge postcard collection and his personal memories and researches are displayed through a visual method that Battaglia developed through ten years of experience as director of a very unique Italian photo and postcard museum. In this book, vintage postcards bring the reader back to a time when Route 66 was the 'Main Street of America', lined with colourful motels, gas stations and diners bathed in neon, along with the occasional 'tourist trap'. Cars were massive, gas was cheap, and America got its 'Kicks on Route 66'.