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ISBN: 9780141442273 - Granite Island
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Granite Island

Dorothy Carrington

ISBN: 9780141442273
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Penguin Classics

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Dorothy Carrington traveled to Corsica in 1948 on what would become the first of many visits. Granite Island is the result of her enduring fascination with the island's dramatic history, physical grandeur and enigmatic people. Conjuring a fast-vanishing world of unbroken tradition, bandits, spirits and visionaries in evocative prose, Granite Island is a valuable historical record of a highly individualistic culture and a luminous work of travel writing.






'Get away from here before you're completely bewitched and enslaved...' Dorothy Carrington was told, while sitting in a fisherman's cafe at the magically quiet midday hour. But enslaved she was. "Granite Island", much more than a travel book, grew out of years spent in Corsica and is an incomparably vivid and delightful portrait. For the first time Corsica is brought to light as a vital element in Europe: a highly individualistic island culture whose people have nurtured their love of freedom and political justice, as well as their pride, hospitality and poetry.

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