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ISBN: 9780582358171 - Growing Up in Canada: Non-fiction 1
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Growing Up in Canada: Non-fiction 1

Eleanor Neate

ISBN: 9780582358171
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Longman

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"Growing Up in Canada" is for guided and independent reading. It contains autobiographical text and is for ages 4-7. "Longman Book Project" Fiction books excite all readers with an exceptional variety of major children's authors and illustrators.





Series Editor: Sue Palmer Non-fiction Editor: Bobbie Neate Longman Book Project non-fiction for ages 4-11: *Motivates a wide range of reading abilities with differentiated text in every book to support struggling readers and extend confident readers *Encourages successful learning of information retrieval skills through clear and consistent page layouts and supportive photography *Develops non-fiction reading and writing skills through National Curriculum and QCA linked cross-curricular subjects