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ISBN: 9780709098454 - Growing for Food and Colour
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Growing for Food and Colour

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Graham Clarke

ISBN: 9780709098454
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Robert Hale Ltd

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* This book is unique in the marketplace - there is very little published information on the subject online * It will be launched while the grow-your-own phenomenon is still at a peak in popularity * It is aimed at a wide audience - both food gardeners and decorative gardeners will find it of use * Appeals to those with smaller gardens





Over the past four or five years in the UK, the grow-your-own phenomenon has meant that more and more people have been producing their own food. From salads and root crops to apples, cucumbers, squashes and strawberries, home-grown food is enjoyed in ever-increasing quantities. And why not? Growing your own provides exercise, nutritious food, and gardeners can choose their favourite varieties for taste or yield. But what about those who want to grow their own, but perhaps have a small garden, and do not want to lose its decorative appeal? How can they combine growing their own food with flowers and colour? Growing for Food and Colour shows that it really is possible to cultivate fruits, vegetables and herbs alongside flowers - and that the beauty of the garden can be enhanced rather than compromised by productive plants. Following the advice in this book will enable the reader to enjoy home-grown food that is fresher, healthier and tastier - but which also looks fantastic.