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ISBN: 9780199219292 - Guilty Robots, Happy Dogs
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Guilty Robots, Happy Dogs

The Question of Alien Minds

David McFarland

ISBN: 9780199219292
Format: Hardback
Publisher:Oxford University Press

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Neuroscience, psychology, and philosophy have given us great insights into the workings of the human mind. Yet, when it comes to understanding the 'alien minds' of artificial intelligence or of animals, we take a further leap into the unknown.

Do animals have thoughts and feelings in any way comparable to humans…






When we interact with animals, we intuitively read thoughts and feelings into their expressions and actions - it is easy to suppose that they have minds like ours. And as technology grows more sophisticated, we might soon find ourselves interpreting the behaviour of robots too in human terms. It is natural for us to humanize other beings in this way, but is it philosophically or scientifically justifiable? How different might the minds of animals or machines be to ours? As David McFarland asks here, could robots ever feel guilty, and is it correct to suppose your dog can truly be happy? Can we ever know what non-human minds might be like, or will the answer be forever out of our reach? These are central and important questions in the philosophy of mind, and this book is an accessible exploration of the differing philosophical positions that can be taken on the issue. McFarland looks not only at philosophy, but also examines new evidence from the science of animal behaviour plus the latest developments in robotics and artificial intelligence, to show how many different - and sometimes surprising - conclusions we can draw about the nature of 'alien minds'.

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