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ISBN: 9781569759844 - Haunts
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Reliquaries of the Dead

Jones, Stephen (EDT)
Stephen Jones

ISBN: 9781569759844
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Ulysses Press

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An anthology of ghost fiction with a variety of stories from haunted houses and lost souls. It offers a wide gamut of works, including ancient spirits roaming antebellum mansions, lost children tormenting depraved killers, and decapitated soldiers seeking final revenge.





THE RESTLESS DEAD Life is over but the dead live on. Within the drafty rooms of an old house, a tarnished locket tumbles to the floor. The haunted souls of the dearly departed are still among us. Ghosts, phantoms, revenants, lost souls -- all these troubled spirits have unfinished business on this side of the veil. Doomed to seek out mortal answers, unable to rest until in death, they accomplish what they failed to achieve in life. This hair-raising collection of haunted tales brings together both new writers and celebrated masters -- Ramsey Campbell, Christopher Fowler, Neil Gaiman, Richard Matheson, Michael Marshall Smith and others -- for the ultimate collection from beyond the grave. Their characters are spirits, without bodies but still floating in our world. Some are motivated by love, others by loss or guilt. But sometimes they are driven by much stronger emotions, menacing and diabolical motives that take us up from our reading to check the hallways, secure the locks and question how firmly anchored we ourselves are to our world.