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ISBN: 9781853757433 - Have a Nicer Day
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Have a Nicer Day

Rickard Fuchs

ISBN: 9781853757433
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Prion Books Ltd

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Provides you with wisdom and advice on how to achieve a better life in a variety of ways, none of them dull and preachy. This title intends to bridge the gap between humour and self-help.






Small chapters each deal with fun, interesting and downright weird ways to make yourself feel happier:; What if you fall ill and die?; What if you die and then fall ill?; Watch out for naked emperors; Lottery tickets and candles; What could it be like?; Avoid TV programmes about crocodiles; Expect nothing; Think first, act later; Act first, think later; The world is full of fools; Be a bit negative; Smile! (but not all the time); Drown your mother-in-law; Only believe amusing rumours; Become a billionaire; Accepting the unacceptable; and more.