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ISBN: 9780719071355 - History and Politics in Late Carolingian and Ottonian Europe
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History and Politics in Late Carolingian and Ottonian Europe

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The Chronicle of Regino of Prum and Adalbert of Magdeburg

Maclean, Simon (TRN)

ISBN: 9780719071355
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Manchester University Press

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This is the first English translation of two chronicles of long-acknowledged importance to European history in the period c.850-c.950. This period, which is widely taught in European and North American universities, saw the collapse of the Carolingian Empire and the rise in Germany of the 'First Reich' under the Ottonian dynasty.






Abbot Regino of Prum (d.915) was the last great historian of the Carolingian Empire, which spanned around a million square kilometres of continental western Europe during the eighth and ninth centuries. His Chronicle is the essential account of the empire's collapse, while its brief continuation by Adalbert, archbishop of Magdeburg, is one of the key accounts of the rise to power of the Ottonians, the first great German dynasty. Both texts are here translated into English for the first time. Regino's lively and anecdotal style will appeal to a variety of audiences, and this book is aimed at professional researchers, non-specialists and undergraduates alike. A substantial introduction provides both basic orientation and an original scholarly interpretation of the text, while readers are helped along by a detailed footnote commentary. Alongside other Carolingian texts translated in this series, the book will open up the later ninth and earlier tenth centuries to undergraduates and others engaged in the study of this increasingly popular period.

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