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ISBN: 9781849668897 - Homer: The Iliad
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Homer: The Iliad

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William Allan

ISBN: 9781849668897
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Bristol Classical Press

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A clear and concise introduction to Homer's Iliad aimed at students of Greek and Classical Civilisation at A level or in the first years of undergraduate study.






This book offers a clear and stimulating introduction to Homer's Iliad, the greatest poem of Western culture. It discusses central aspects of the work (including the tradition of oral poetry, the style and structure of the epic, and its depiction of the gods, heroism, war, and gender roles) and guides the reader in understanding the skill and profundity of Homer's achievement. This introduction is ideal for undergraduates and students in the upper forms of schools, but it requires no knowledge of ancient Greek and is intended for all readers interested in Homer. The Classical World series is well established and explores the culture and achievements of the civilizations of Greece and Rome. Concise yet informative and stimulating, each book includes illustrations and suggestions for further reading and study. Designed specifically for students and teachers of Classical Civilization at late school and early university level, the series provides an up-to-date collection of accessible guides to the history, institutions, literature, art and values of the Classical world.

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