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ISBN: 9780273751106 - How to Get Things Done without Trying Too Hard
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How to Get Things Done without Trying Too Hard

Richard Templar

ISBN: 9780273751106
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Prentice Hall Life
Edition: 2nd Revised edition
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This is the wise and witty antidote to procrastination, the definitive manual for getting more done and the best and simplest guide to finding time to do all those little things you know you need to do, but usually can't be bothered to.






In this clever book, bestselling author Richard Templar delivers a collection of principles, tactics and techniques that will make sure things always get done, without you ever having to break a sweat or stay up into the small hours to do it. These pithy, self-contained ideas are so straightforward that you can even read the book itself without trying too hard

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