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ISBN: 9781895681161 - The Hunger
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The Hunger

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Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch

ISBN: 9781895681161
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Boardwalk Books

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Fifteen-year-old Paulas perfectionism drives everything from her marks to her body. A history project about Paulas grandmother reveals parallels with her own struggles.





Fifteen-year-old Paula's perfectionism drives every facet of her life, from her marks in Grade 10 to the pursuit of a "perfect body." A history project brings her face to face with her grandmother's early life and, as she delves deeper, she is disturbed to find eerie parallels between her own struggles and what she learns of the past. As Paula slowly destroys the very body she's trying to perfect, her spirit is torn between settling for her imperfect life or entering the shadowy mystery of her grandmother's Armenian past. The shimmering Euphrates River beckons her, but, as she soon discovers, there are many things worse than imperfection.