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ISBN: 9781889140131 - I Never Get Anything
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I Never Get Anything

Thomas W. Phelan

ISBN: 9781889140131
Format: Paperback
Publisher: ParentMagic, Incorporated

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From the time they are toddlers, children try to get their own way. Dr. Phelan identifies and describes the six kinds of testing and manipulation children used to get their way: badgering, temper, threat, martyrdom, buttering up and physical tactics. From the author of the bestselling, award-winning 1-2-3 Magic.





Outlining the six tactics kids use to get their way, this reference teaches parents to think objectively about their children's favorite ploys and emotionally manipulative strategies. Insightful analyses emphasize the importance of understanding the underlying emotional dynamics of testing and offer practical solutions, from knowing how to say "no" comfortably to when to say "yes" encouragingly. Ensuring a healthy relationship between children and parents, this humorous, down-to-earth guide enables parents to manage their own behavior and that of their children.