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ISBN: 9780334041931 - In Tuneful Accord
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In Tuneful Accord

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Trevor Beeson

ISBN: 9780334041931
Format: Hardback
Publisher: SCM Press

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Continuing his successful series of portraits of the many characterful individuals who have helped make the Church of England the institution that it is, Trevor Beeson turns his attention to the outstanding musicians who have influenced its worship over the centuries…





This is a superbly entertaining overview of the Church of England over the last fifty years. The image of Sung Evensong may seem timeless, but the patterns of Anglican worship have changed continuously. Beginning with the great Victorian modernisers who stamped their taste on music as much as church buildings, we are taken on a memorable and entertaining musical tour that takes in: the impact of the Wesleys, the publication of "Hymns Ancient & Modern", the great organ builders, Willis and Walker, Vaughan Williams and the "English Hymnal", the Royal School of Church Music, The hymn writing explosion and the electronic age. All this and more presented here in Trevor's inimitable and sharply observant style.

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