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ISBN: 9781850448839 - Introduction to P & I
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Introduction to P & I

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Christopher Hill, Bill Robertson, Steven J. Hazelwood

ISBN: 9781850448839
Format: Hardback
Publisher: LLP Professional Publishing
Edition: 2nd Revised edition

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Introduction to P & I provides the independent introduction to the whole world of P & I insurance which is the essential starting-point for making fully-informed, objective judgments and decisions about this important aspect of your work…






This text explains clearly and systematically all the basic principles of shipowners' mutual insurance. It features: the structure and constitution of P & I clubs; the role of club managers and P & I representatives; underwriting; specific risks covered, and exceptions and exclusions to club cover; claims and claims handling; P & I reinsurance; and the role of specialist clubs. Changes affecting the P & I market, including developments in reinsurance, OPA 90 and the updating of key case law are also included.