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ISBN: 9780773538528 - Inventing the PC
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Inventing the PC

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Zbigniew Stachniak

ISBN: 9780773538528
Format: Hardback
Publisher: McGill-Queen's University Press

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A uniquely Canadian story of the company that promised a new era in computing.





Inventing the PC details the invention and design of the MCM/70 computer and the prolonged struggle to bring it to market. Zbigniew Stachniak offers an insider's view of events on the front lines of pioneering work on personal computers. He shows what information and options PC pioneers had, how well they understood what they were doing, and how that understanding - or lack thereof - shaped both their engineering ingenuity and the indecisiveness and over-reaching ambition that would ultimately turn a very promising venture into a missed opportunity. Providing comprehensive historical background and rich photographic documentation, Inventing the PC tells the story of a Canadian company on the cutting-edge of the information age.