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ISBN: 9781845842000 - Jaguar/Daimler Xj 1995-2003
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Jaguar/Daimler Xj 1995-2003

Peter Crespin

ISBN: 9781845842000
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Veloce Publishing Ltd

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The fabulous, modern, big Jaguars still attract admiration, but you need to know how to buy the best. This book gives you the practical and illustrated advice you need when checking examples for possible purchase.






The X300 was the first serious model development in collaboration with Ford and the cars benefited in quality terms as a result. Problems do exist, however, especially with the X308 models which followed in 1997. Though they are excellent value today, it is still important to buy the right car if expensive problems are to be avoided. This book will help you decide which car to consider, and having chosen your model it will help pick a sound car from amongst those you locate and inspect. High mileage need not be a deterrent, but you need to avoid neglected cars and know exactly what to look for. This book ensures you have the insight and expertise to select the best example within your budget. Each aspect of the vehicles is given an objective numerical score reflecting the car's condition. These are added to give an overall score supporting a decision to buy or leave. There is no safer way to avoid buying a bad car short of paying for a professional evaluation. This book will pay for itself.