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ISBN: 9781937134006 - Just Run It!
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Just Run It!

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Dick Cross

ISBN: 9781937134006
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Bibliomotion, Incorporated

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The growth engine of the global economy is no longer through mega-production and huge conglomerates, but rather through the proliferation of smaller enterprises. In America alone, tens of thousands of businesses crop up each year. Unfortunately, few will succeed, though not due to a lack of ingenuity, initiative, or even capital. Why, then? Because, according to Dick Cross, author of Just Run It!, most business owners lack not just the fundamentals, the nuts and bolts of operating a business effectively day to day, but the bigger picture of how to achieve business success. After taking dozens of companies from underperforming to high performancing, Cross observed a pattern, out of which he devised a formula for success. Using his Just Run It! formula--which includes the Vision-Strategy-Execution analysis--he is now teaching business owners how to understand their business on "the back of an envelope" and make it exceptional.

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