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ISBN: 9781849434041 - Knight Watch
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Knight Watch

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Inua Ellams

ISBN: 9781849434041
Format: Paperback
Publisher: Oberon Books Ltd

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In an intense monologue, rich in poetry, poet and performer Inua Ellams conjures the violence of a city and imagines a more beautiful world beyond it.





"In a world where tower blocks are stone mountains and city walls are urban tapestries retelling epic fights, Michael keeps away from the warring tribes until a passerby helps him out of a tight situation. Instantly, he is pulled into the culture he has tried to escape. The city spirals out of control as battle lines are drawn and redrawn. In the quest for balance, loyalty, faith and friendships are tested, but will Michael succeed in ending the war? In rhythmic, sizzling poetry award-winning spoken word artist, Inua Ellams, conjures the violence of a city not unlike London and imagines a more beautiful world beyond it."

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